Wednesday, February 16

"Home is where you find yourself."

I remember the first night I was in Korea, sitting in my apartment, thinking I'd made the biggest mistake of my life quitting my job, leaving Sadie (my dog) at home, leaving a family that cares so much about me, and leaving amazing friends. It was a fleeting thought, and one that I think came from being on a plane for 14+ hours with little sleep, but it was still scary those first 24-48 hours being in Korea.  I remember thinking that this empty, strange apartment with only things I could fit into 2 suitcases would never EVER be able to feel like home.  Now, over 6 months into this experience, it's quite the opposite. It's crazy how much this feels like home; how after being away from my apartment for a few days, I'm happy to be "home". 

I took pictures when I first got here mostly out of shock at my new apartment's size (or lack thereof) and it's ammenities - the shower that I was taller than, the floor that drained, the fridge I'm taller than, and the washer that I thought didn't have a lid (only to find that it folded out), the air conditioner with a remote, and the boiler button that I pressed in August when I first got here thinking it was central heat and air (well..that's the way it worked at home).  I've certainly come a long way in this experience, and thought I'd post new pictures of my apartment.  :) it's changed a bit from those first few days.

Any mail I receive from friends and family becomes wallpaper, I brought pictures, but my friend Kathryn mailed me more - so I've got friends and words of encouragement all over, I acquired a make up stand and 2 chairs when Tonic left, bought a coat rack that reaches from my floor to my ceiling and holds a ton of hanging things! Leigh even found a couch for me on the side of the road not far from my apartment.  Korea is a pretty wealthy country, and when people are finished with furniture they just place it on the street.  We spent an evening carrying it to my apartment and scrubbing it off.
My new couch!

Love from the States! :) Kayla, Kathryn, Dad, Grammy, Aunt Cara, Carol Cutter, Jackie, Parisa, Astrid, Dad, Trish, Mamaw - have the best friends and fam ever!

make up table from tonic, awesome coat stand, clothes steamer (since there are no dryers) and the guitar that I'm not doing a very good job learning :)
view from my kitchen window
guard stand; hey guys.
laundry day and makeshift closet

Nomad lifestyle: who needs a footboard when you can just use your suitcases?

Love from Astrid, Kayla, Jackie, and Parisa :) If ever I'm having a bad day.. pick- me ups 
A Circle of Friendship necklace from Kayla :) Faith, Hope, Love
Home is where you find yourself :)
Love Always,


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