Wednesday, February 16

Solnal in Busan Day 1

January flew by (as have most of the months here) and a much needed holiday arrived, Solnal, at the perfect time! Solnal is a Korean New Year Festival celebrating the first day of the lunar calendar! :) It's the second biggest holiday in Korea. School was closed on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday and to celebrate, Leigh and I headed to Busan.  For those of you who've read my whole blog, you'll remember Busan from my first weekend in town.  That's where I ate live octopus with Brent, Tonic, and Ramella, saw amazing beaches, and enjoyed great seafood.

So, this is only the second time I'd been to Busan, but it was a blast! Leigh's roommate from college (when he was getting his second degree) moved to Busan with her boyfriend about 2 weeks before.  So, we had a great time exploring their new city and teaching them how to order Korean food.  The first day we were at Hyandae Beach and walked along the beach after enjoying a Korean meal.  That night we had Mexican food at Fuzzy Navel, played carnival games by the beach, shot fireworks off at the beach with a group of Pohangers (Lia, Brendan, Heather, Frances, and Mary, and Tyler) and then barhopped a bit. The next day we visited the Temple by the Sea.  Friday we went to Nampodong, a traditional Korean street market.  Enjoy the pictures! :)
Happy Solnal! :) walking to our taxi

All Smiles on the bus - $7.00 to get to a city 2 hours away! love it!
Road trip essentials: Hite beer, Korea Tourish book, pringles, sunglasses, and water! :)
Hayundae Beach
Welcome to Korea - Mary and Tyler! Reunited and it feels so good!
Beach walk to the mermaid
View of Busan from the Mermaid

playing carnival games on the street near the beach! this Korean carnie loved us

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