Wednesday, February 16

Yonggungsa Temple, Busan Day 2

Yonggungsa Temple - Temple By the Sea

On our second day in Busan, we had a cultural day! :)   The temple was packed, and many were there to show respect to the ancestors who have passed away.  Great experience and we had beautiful weather! It was the warmest it had been in months.  Here are pictures of our temple experience with Mary and Tyler.

This is the view from Mary's Apartment - they live on the 22nd floor!

creepy statues before we got to the temple

Me with my Chinese Zodiac, The Ox

Temple by the Sea

Love how the sun shines through
Us with Big Buddha
Koreans Love Dying their dogs hair :( this poor dog looks miserable - yes this was at the temple
Group shot - love these guys! :)

had to get a picture of the shoes :( poor thing.

kids always add humor :) this little guy had a camera on his Nintendo DS - capturin' his own memories
"I Love You" pose with the Good Luck Pigs; apparently if you dream about a pig you're supposed to go buy a lottery ticket ASAP.  Pigs are extremely lucky here!

Leigh with his Chinese Zodiac

Love the little girls in their traditional Korean dresses, hanboks

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