Wednesday, February 16

Winter Wonderland

After the plunge, we all went and had a deliciously yummy and warm soup, Haejangguk.

Lunch was great - we laughed, listened to the reactions of those brave enough to jump in and shared videos and pictures.  After lunch, Leigh and I went to Home Plus (similar to a Wal-Mart). We were excited to get a new puzzle.  We'd finished a 500 piece Van Gogh and wanted to upgrade to a 1000 piece! As were were driving on his scooter we noticed how black the sky was.  It started to sprinkle a little, but we didn't really think anything of it.  <Note the foreshadowing here :) hah>

Leigh and I went to his apartment that night, worked on a puzzle.  Then, I headed home. The next morning my director woke me up with a phone call. She informed me that school was cancelled for the day due to the heavy snow. I tried to cover up my surprise because I obviously had NO idea it'd snowed, I thanked her for letting me know, prompty hung up and then like a giddy school child ran to look out the window! :) There, I saw more snow than I've ever seen in my life.  Truly, the closest thing to a winter wonderland, snowpocolypse, Snowmageddon I've ever seen! :)

Our finished Van Gogh Starry Night puzzle! :) Thanks for the puzzle Grammy!

New World Map Puzzle :) 1000 pieces
main road in Jung Sang Dong

When in Korea...the man behind me is drinking Makeoli, a famous Korean rice alcoholic beverage

Umbrellas in Korea are multi, MULTI-purpose
sun, rain, snow - doesn't matter - use it for everything; umbrellas here are like duct tape in the states
They were Snowmen/women EVERYwhere!

Americans and Canadians Unite! :) project snowman!
He's Canadian, of course he's a pro
What? We had to keep warm somehow...Soju and Cider, and Beer
on Leigh's rooftop
Snowman #1 Finished
 Mohawk Snowman #2 Finished
Waygooks Celebrating their Accomplishment; Snow's still comin' down
Teddy and Tim the "I Love You" pose
The Gals :)

If only the Polar Plunge had been a day earlier! :) I got 2 snow days out of this! :) It was the most snow Pohang had seen in 75+ years!!

Brrrrr, and xoxo! :)

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