Tuesday, November 22

Happy Birthday to Me! :)

My 2nd birthday celebration with this handsome man! :)
Welp, it's happened again :) I officially have celebrated another birthday in a far off land. Special thanks to all those who called, messaged, and sent cards/gifts to make sure I felt special. I absolutely did! I was surrounded by great friends played enough Catch Phrase to last me a month, sang my heart out at the Karaoke room, and despite having McDonald's breakfast while the sun was coming up, I'm still scrubbing the red wine stains off my lips. :) Success? I think so!
Baskin Robbins Bday cake - with chopsticks! Winning.
Ladies in Pohang! :)
Happy 26th Birthday to US!
Also would like to send a special birthday wish to my best friend Kayla - Couldn't think of anyone more special to share a birthday with! Wish we were on the same continent, but know we have many more to look forward to together! Love you!

Here's to being a quarter-century +1 years old!

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