Monday, February 28

'Farewell' February

Homigot Painting (famous site in Pohang) I did! :)
Farewell February seems fitting as a) it's already March and b) so many great people left Pohang this month. February proved to be kind of a quiet month. Many of the teachers here work for the public schools so they got the entire month of February off. Other friends extended their contracts and took trips home before their new contracts began. Some traveled to neighboring countries like Taiwan, Malaysia, Cambodia, the Philipines and sadly some of them we said goodbye to. Will certainly miss all the amazing people that left, but I know wherever they are, they'll be doing great things!
Mandy's back to Florida

My student Teddy, heading back to college!

Fellow Bookwoman :) back to the States after travelin'

Brent's pursuing his dreams in China

I guess it's true that nothing is constant, except for change! :)

xoxo, Em

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