Tuesday, February 15

As one year closes, another opens :)

 <Disclaimer: This is a tad confusing to read considering it's February 15th and I'm just now blogging about the New Year.  Forgive me :) and Enjoy>

I like New Years! It might be one of my favorite holidays not because of the actual New Year's Eve festivities, but because I'm a big fan of fresh starts/clean slates.  I like those times that the scoreboard of life is "zeroed out". And A New Year feels that way for me! While saying hello to whats to come in a new year is refreshing, I also cherish the time to look back and reflect on what life was like at this time last year, what's changed, how I've grown, <think MTV's Greatest Hits-like introspection of my life in said year :) haha>Here's the cliff note version of 2010:

2010 was a terrific year - I'm constantly amazed at how blessed I am. Just a few of the highlights that come to mind: My brother graduated from Air Force basic training last January, I was honored enough to be in Kayla's wedding, my Dad turned 50, Kathryn graduated from Culinary School AND was baptized, Parisa graduated from UK and started her career with FH, I was able to spend amazing time with my mom's side of the family on the 4th of July, I embarked on the experience of a lifetime, and last but the furthest from least, Jackie got engaged! There are so many more memorable things I could list, but that's a start.

2011,  the bar's set high to be a great year - but as always I'm excited to see what's in store! :)

Since I'm so behind on this blog I'll save the writing in detail and share my ringing in of the new year via pictures. 

Quick summary of what you'll see: Bowling at the lanes in Pohang.  Leigh and I jamming out on RockBand on New Year's Eve evening at his friend at Mark's girlfriend's house. (Mark is Leigh's lifelong friend from Canada who also lives and teaches in Korea). We had an amazing dinner that they prepared and then jammed the night away playing Rockband.  (A game on Playstation that is similar to Guitar Hero, but you have all the pieces for a band.  So one person sings, one plays bass, the guitar, and the drums.) Then Tilt to meet up with the other Waygooks (foreigners) that were in town to ring in 2011 with Champagne and dancin'.  Such a fun start to the year! :)
goofy :) Lovin my new UK sweatshirt - thanks Mamaw
cuties :)
Makin' friends at the Lanes - Korean children, especially in Pohang, are AMAZED to see foreigners
Leigh: so proud!
RockBand Leigh on the bass
The Gang jammin
Me on the drums: I'm so confused :) lol

Mannaseo bangapseumnida 2011! :) (Pleased to meet you in Korean)


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