Saturday, January 29

Christmas Eve and Day! :)

 "Emily, what will you do on Christmas?!" "Do you have any special plans for Christmas?" were common phrases in my emails and facebook messages around Christmas.  So here's the answer! :)

Christmas Eve about 40-50 of the Waygooks (foreigners) in Pohang got together at one of our favorite spots, the Makeoli Bar.  The people that run the restaurant are awesome and there's a huge room in the back with 2 l-o-n-g tables.  So we took over that for the night complete with tacky sweaters and a secret Santa Gift Exchange! One of the highlights of the evening was the Canadian Cowboy, Pat in the Hat, gracing us with a performance of his own version of "Twas the Night before Christmas."

Tacky sweaters AND matching hats! ;)
Waygook Christmas Cheer :)
Christmas Day, Leigh and I exchanged gifts in the morning! :) I had a stocking jam packed with great surprises - a pair of leggings I'd been wanting, 2 tooks (winter hats in Canadian English, also known as a toboggan hat in Southern America) wrist warmers, a bottle of wine, and lots of yummy candy! I painted Leigh a picture of a guitar and bought him a pair of jeans (he's a smidge wardrobe challenged :) haha.

After our gift exchange, we went to a friends apartment for brunch.  There, we watched Kory and Megan exchange gifts - they're such a sweet couple, and enjoyed being around great people with delectable omelettes! A bonus of the day was one of the guys there was dog-sitting for a friend, so I was actually around a 4-legged friend on Christmas day! :) I can't wait to have Sadie here!
in my awesome new KY sweatshirt from Mamaw :)
Leigh's Thinker Pose :)

Kory and Megan!

Christmas Day! :) all smiles in our festive red
Kory and Megan's tree

After enjoying our omelletes, we took the dog to the park, had a relaxing afternoon and headed to Tilt for a Christmas meal! It was weird being away from my family on Christmas, I definitely missed them and the familiarities of Christmas, as I've always celebrated it. But, Christmas here was a blast! :)

The best Christmas presents were hearing my mom's voice for the first time since I've been here! (We'd emailed and messaged on facebook) but not actually spoken on the phone! So I was able to TALK to her! :) and I got to skype with my Dad, Trish, Jonathan, and Macy AND a lot of my extended family (Gary, Martha, Uncle Jim, Diane, James, my GREAT-grandmother - how many people can say they skyped with their great-grandmother, my Aunt Cara, and Grammy!) All in all, great Christmas! :)

 Ready to say Goodbye to 2010 and welcome 2011! :) I have a feeling it's going to be a terrific year!
Love from Korea! :) xoxo Em

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