Saturday, January 29

Farewell Tonic and Prepping for a Christmas Abroad

Yes, it's been over a month since I've posted - life is flying by at a rate I can't even explain :) in such a good way.  I'm still learning so many new things, getting more and more comfortable with teaching, and getting closer to the friends I have here..ok, ok..there's also this boy I spend quite a bit of time with, as well.  :) So here's my attempt at summing up life since my last post.  Enjoy - and as always, I look forward to your comments!

At the beginning of December I was able to attend a milestone of a friend of mine, Tonic's.  I've written about Tonic before, quick summary she's one of the most awesome girls I've ever met (big thanks to Brent for introducing us the first weekend I was in Korea!)- she's cheerful, sincere, and an has a contagiously adventurous spirit.  She moved to Korea from her home in South Africa to attend Law School.  In December, she graduated from Handong International University.  I'm really glad I was there to celebrate this proud accomplishment of hers! It was bittersweet, because with her graduation also came the end of her time in Korea.  After her graduation, she relocated to Alabama and is now studying for her BAR exam.  Wishing her all the best, I know I'll see her somewhere in the world again, but  Korea isn't the same without her! :)
Dinner at our Makeoli spot
Ramella, Tonic, and Brent :) love these guys
Tonic, me, and Virginia

Tonic choosing her song! :)
After dinner we went to the Norebong, which is like American Karaoke, but it's awesome because you have your own private room.  Super cheap, and Koreans love to sing as a wind down from work or school. See from pictures, us foreigners quite enjoy it too.
Norebong food and drinks and Amy beltin it out! :) 

After Tonic's goodbye a few weeks passed. Before I knew it, it was about a week before Christmas, and I was having some trouble getting into the Christmas spirit. I think mostly because I had zero vacation since Christmas fell on a Saturday.  Not that I hadn't worked Christmas Eves before - I did often when I waited tables.  But, it was just different here... probably because of not being around family, the lack of Christmas decorations, and christmas cookies! :) Ok, so enough of the glum.  Point being, something needed to change drastically for it to feel like Christmas.  Leigh was having the same problem - so he suggested we go buy a tree and decorate it! We went to Home Plus (similar to like a Wal-Mart) and found a small tree, decorations, and a tree topper (see pictures) all for less than $20 - he even borrowed lights from his school. We had a great time putting the tree up and it definitely helped our mood!
Ingredients for awesome Expat Christmas!

Ta da!

Wishing you and yours a Very Merry Christmas from Korea! :)
Love, Em!

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  1. Glad that I could experience an amazing Christmas with you on the otherside of the world ;)


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