Wednesday, February 16

Pohang Polar Plunge

The Pohang Polar Plunge.  You've heard of Polar Bear swims right? Where the gutsy of the gutsiest <or those wishing to send an icy surge that takes the breath straight from your lungs through their bodies> jump in freezing cold waters.  The first Sunday of 2011 some of the English teachers in Pohang decided to do this to celebrate the New Year.  Being the rational, logical (aka the chicken) person that I am, I was part of the cheering section, but  Leigh was gutsy enough to do it! :) Here's a link to an AWESOME video made by a super talented English teacher in Pohang - the video is worth a viewing it's much better than my measly still shots - Enjoy!As always, can't wait to hear what you think! :) Love from Korea, Em

They stayed in for 2 minutes! Brave Souls
Heck Yes! They did it!
The Crowd Gathers
The Koreans were definitely confused.  Once again they find themselves asking "What are the Waygooks doing this time?"
Justin Sowers, brave enough to go for a dip 2 times!

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