Wednesday, March 2

Gyeongju Getaway

The past few weeks, we've gotten a few really gorgeous days.  I think after all the snow I've seen in the past few weeks, the warm weather and sunshine was just enough to get me out of hibernation mode. Leigh and I both had some extra bounce in our steps! On Saturday, we took our new found energy and went to explore some of the culture South Korea has to offer.  We autobiked to the bus station, and paid a whopping 3,000 won each (less then $3) to bus to Gyeongju. Read below to see why it's an easy choice for an inexpensive, cultural trip!

A little background on Gyengju: it was the capital of the ancient kingdom of Silla which ruled most of the Korean Peninsula between the 7th and 9th centuries. Many archaeological sites and cultural properties from this period remain in the city, giving it it's nickname as "the museum without walls".
We got off the bus, I immediately went into Tourist mode snapping pictures of everything. I even went on a paparazzi spree taking pictures of unexpecting 'ajamas' (means older women in Korean).  Some yelled at me to stop and some were good sports.  Either way, I was having a blast.  We walked for a ways trying to find reasonably priced accomodations.  Then, we were famished and found something to eat.

I want more than a "hose with which to splash myself"

looks a little different than the BP at home

My Handsome Navigator :)

Strawberries in February!?!?

Unexpecting Local

nice guy
She giggled :) so cute


Yep, that's a whole, small chicken in that bowl
 After dinner, we went to Anapji Pond.  King Munmu (the king responsible for unifying the Shilla, Koguryo, and Paekche kingdoms) built Anapji Pond in 674 as a pleasure garden. He designed the pond so that one cannot view the entire pond at once.  

My Anapji Vanna White

We were so lucky the water was still - perfect reflections!

so beautiful!
I've been here for seven months, and am still amazed daily at how lucky to be experiencing the things I am! :) I'm so thankful for supportive friends and family back home! Miss you guys!
Love Always,


  1. This was such a fun trip babe :) Your pictures are amazing. Good thing the old women didn't chase you down ha ha ha

  2. I love keeping up with you Emily!!! Not sure about that whole chicken dish.....


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