Monday, March 7

1st Pohang Steelers Game

Mary and I scooter-ing  back from the game
I've written this before, but just to reemphasize :)Where I live in Ocheon, for most happening in Pohang, is not very convenient.  I'm about a 20 minute scooter ride from the beach and downtown, and about a 20-30 minute scooter ride from where most of the foreigners live/hang out. BUT I do live about 10 minutes away from "The Steelyard" where the Pohang Steelers Professional Soccer team plays.  So this past weekend, on a warm, sunny Saturday we all got together, drove our scooters to the stadium and watched the Pohang Steelers take on Seognam. Our friends Mary and Tyler who moved to Korea in February came in from Busan for the weekend as well! :) The game was a blast.  Granted, I'd never been to a professional soccer game and it was my 1st sporting event in Korea, but it was pretty similar to most sporting events I'd been to in the States.  There were corndogs and buckets of chicken for sale, cans of beer for 3,000 won and they even gave us nifty flags as we walked in. The Steelers scored within the first few minutes and went on to win the game.  I'm excited to go to more games this Spring and Summer.  Surprisingly there are lots of sporting events to go to in Korea.  Baseball season just started and the Lotte Giants in Busan (about 1 1/2 bus ride away) are supposedly a great team, certainly a favorite team of many of my students.  And there's even a basketball team in Busan, too! :) Here are pictures from the game

"Kill the Yellow" - Koreans are pretty intense

Sun-shiney day!
Halftime show: Superheroes on stilts

 Perfect ending to the day - Fireworks on Bukbu Beach

He gets really excited about Roman Candles ;) 

Is this real life? :) or is this just fantasy...doesn't really matter to me...
Love, Em 

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