Wednesday, December 1

Watch out Pohang, I am mobile! :)

So my 25th birthday came and went! I'm still rockin' my quarter of a century glow :) I haven't mentioned this in any previous posts, but I live in Ocheon - which is kind of the countryside part of Pohang, the city, I live in.  Most people live downtown or fairly close to downtown, but I'm a little on the outskirts.  And by outskirts, I really only mean about a 15 minute taxi drive to downtown (less then $8).  Which, considering how low my expenses are, is nothing! But...for someone who's had the luxury of being mobile since I was 16 (thanks dad!) taking a taxi to the grocery store, and to get out on the weekends is uncharted water.  Once again, I promise I'm not complaining - transportation is one of the only things I actually spend money on and it's really inexpensive, but I do enjoy my independence! So when I heard my friend Mandy was selling her scooter - my interest was piqued! But, I was a little under-confident in my ability to successfully drive a scooter.  Could I really drive a scooter? haha
So Mandy and I scheduled a driving lesson on the Tuesday before Thanksgiving.  I met her at her place, and my friend Leigh tagged along.  The 3 of us went to the practice parking lot. I was REALLY nervous at first.  Once I got a feel though, I was doing good.   I practiced starting, stopping, going up and down hills, and then starting and stopping on the hills. Though, the uphill I haven't mastered.  The balance took some getting used to, but like Leigh and Mandy said - going slower is harder than going faster. (Note the foreshadowing)

After about an hour of practicing, I decided I felt pretty comfortable.  We wrapped up and headed to the bank so I could get some cash.  I paid Mandy and then we went back to her place to pick up the guitar I'd also bought.  Leigh offered to drive that back to my apartment, and I was going to drive the scooter from Idong (where Mandy lives) to Ocheon (my house!) = about a 25 minute drive. So I paid her, we packed up the guitar, and the scooter helmets, and Leigh and I got ready to head to Ocheon. 

While we were in grabbing the guitar, a truck parked in front of the W-I-D-E apartment entrance and exit.  So, the only other exit is a narrow, concrete baricaded exit.  Leigh walks his bike through and is coaching me on how to get my bike through.  I'm listening, but still so uncomfortable with maneuvering this heavy bike at slow speeds, I start to feel uncomfortable.  Simultaneously, Leigh is coaching me to slow down.  I frantically reach for the brake, only to find the gas, so I floor it,the scooter speeds out from under me, I not-so-gracefully end up the ground - my shoe ;ands 10 feet away, my helmets now on the side of my head.  It was an Emily sandwich with the scooter and the pavement as the bread.  :( Needless to say, I was mortified, but survived with only dented pride and a sore chest. Leigh and I drove home - I was shaky because of my fall, but glad I got back on. 

So, I am mobile :) sort of.  I did ride my scooter to school today.  The kids got a good chuckle at their teacher being an "autobike driver" but I'm working up my confidence!

Disclaimer - UK fans it's orange, but only out of convenience - I might be far away but am still a Cats fan! :)

At least I got the fall out of the way the first day! :)


  1. I'm not going to lie, when I first started reading this I was skeptical. I remember trying the scooters in FL... which landed us on a 3 wheel scoot car :) Glad you are enjoying your time there!

  2. haha I remember that - I almost put that in here! the scootcar was fun! :) haha


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