Wednesday, December 22

Turkey Day in Korea! :)

Happy Turkey Day! :)

 It's Christmas week and I haven't even blogged about my Thanksgiving yet! :) Let me catch you up! Turkey Day came at the perfect time! I was nearing my 4 month mark in Korea and it'd been a while since I'd tasted some of my comfort foods. 4 months without macaroni and cheese and mashed potatoes - is a long time, even if I am 25.  Don't get me wrong, I'm certainly NOT starving in Korea - I actually really enjoy the food! :) Kimchi has even become a part of my regular diet thanks to my director and friend, Rim being my neighbor and her mom always sharing her kimchi! But after a long week of teaching students about Thanksgiving foods, traditions, history, and thankfulness, I did happily enjoy Thanksgiving delights - TWICE!

It's interestingly and awesomely different being a "Wagook-an" (Korean for foreigner) in a country that doesn't celebrate 2 of the the best holidays I've known throughout my life the same way (Christmas) or at the same time (Thanksgiving) that I've always celebrated them. What I love though, is that seeing that all of us (the foreigners) are far away from our families, we come together and make it feel like home. For Thanksgiving (see pictures below)  Tilt, a Western owned bar in Pohang, hosted a Thanksgiving Dinner! I was so excited about it, I took Teddy, my college student with me, so he could experience a true Western Thanksgiving! It's one thing to hear about Thanksgiving, it's another to experience it with 30+ foreigners who are away from home.

Hindsight: I'm not sure that people pushing each other out of the way to get to the turkey, green beans, rolls, cranberries, and THE largest vat of mashed potatoes I've EVER seen in my life was the most accurate depiction of Thanksgiving, but I think overall the night was a success.  :)

I knew I had a lot to be thankful for before crossing the "big pond,"  but everyday it becomes more apparent. The longer I'm away from home, my thankfulness meter, not my homesickness, meter goes up - I truly couldn't ask for more supportive and loving family members and friends (both the ones I left back home and the new ones I've made here.)

Truly blessed beyond what I deserve,
Emily :)
One of my fav students, Teddy! :) such an awesome guy!

Mandy - to whom I owe thanks for my scooter and guitar! love her!
told you it was the largest vat of mashed potatoes I'd ever seen! :) 

Wagookans in the masses! :)
Pumpkin Pie: my new favorite dessert! :)

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