Wednesday, December 22

November in Review via pictures :)

mmm street food in Daegu! :) Ham and Cheese - why yes, thank you!
Brent - so thankful for this guy! Without him, I might not have made it to Korea.  He paved the way for me to have an awesome experience by introducing me to both my boss/friend, Rim, and an amazing group of friends!! Thank you, Thank you Brent!

Happy Birthday, Amy! :)
matchee! :) Even South Korea can appreciate great Universities like UK! C-A-T-S!
Horse Back Riding with a Korean Sports Hagwan! :)  (Thanks Leigh)
kiddos in line to ride the horses! :)
all smiles and peace signs! :) Kimchi!

Play time and Picnic with the kiddos after horseback riding! :)
haha :) we ordered a pitcher and got this! had to take a picture!
teaching the kiddos about body parts! :) pretty proud of my drawing!
Virginia and I @ Portobello's! :) love my Birginia!

Helena and I at school before class! :)
Roy and I! :)
so silly, but love 'em! :)

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