Wednesday, October 13

Smorgasbord post :)

Hard to believe October is almost halfway over already! Time is flying on this side of the world. This is a bit of a random post, but they're all things I want to remember - and that's the whole point of this blog - a.) I'm a faster typer than a writer and b.) I know after being here for a year, all these things that have happened will be a blur.  c.) It's also nice to be able to share my laughs and adventures with friends and family. So a few firsts
I've had this month -

Shoe Shopping: I went shoe shopping and was informed that my feet are too big. I need a 250 and the maximum size in women's shoes are 240. :) I'm patiently awaiting a care package from home that should have 2 pairs of winter boots and a winter coat. On the bright side,  I guess it would have been worse had they said they didn't make jeans or shirts in my size. 

My Love life according to lady in Booth #4 (f.y.i.- #4 is supposed to be good luck):  I went to a Tarot Card Reader -  which I'd never done! It was fun - the Tarot card reader spoke in Korean, so my friend Rim had to translate for me - I chose the topic of Love. Long story short:  She said I'm quick-tempered in romantic relationships, decide quickly if I'm interested in someone romantically or not and right now my mind isn't open to a relationship (hah imagine that), but she did say that I should keep an open mind in 2-3 months to someone a close friend will introduce me to.  My ideal marrying age  is 29-30; he will likely be older than me. She said that I'm very independent and not the type of person to change my life around for a man.  All in all, it was a fun experience, if for nothing other than a little reassurance :) A good $4 investment, if you ask me. 

Shootin' Hoops: Yesterday, I went to university class that my friend Rim teaches.  It was actually more like show and tell, and I was the item. The first hour was questions and answers and free talking.  I had the students introduce themselves (name, age, major, hometown, and hobby) and then I opened it up for them to ask me questions.  The second hour, we went outside and a couple of us played a game of 3 on 3 basketball - me in my dress clothes + 5 Korean college guys,while the rest of the class took pictures and watched. I was a little nervous since it'd been YEARS since I'd been on a basketball court, but it turned out to be a lot of fun.  The kids were great and I surprised myself by scoring 5 of our team's 8 points. Pictures to come :)  

 Abstract art: I painted for the first time since I've been in Korea - without a teacher! I can't take all the credit - I did look at paintings online for some inspiration - but to be honest, it didn't turn out anything like that - so I guess it can still be classified as an Emily original!! :) 

Love from Kimchi land - Em


  1. Hey girlie! I love your see Korea in a completely different way from me and I love seeing your interpretations!

    Hope to see you again soon!

    Jenn Comer

  2. when am i going to get an emily smits original?


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