Sunday, October 10

Magic in my fingertips

Before I left for Korea, I really enjoyed going to this artsy place near Nashville called Sips N Strokes! :) I bring this up today because I was downtown and found an EVERYTHING store thanks to my friend Virginia -which literally has EVERYthing you could want for very reasonable prices! :) So, I'm hoping I'll remember some of what I learned in those classes, and be able to add some of this new inspiration I'm feeling (thanks to Korea) and come up with my own masterpieces! :) Until I have some new ones - here are a few paintings I did before I left! :)

Wish me luck,

xoxo Em ;)


  1. I want one of your masterpieces Em! I love them!

  2. guess what! i'm doing the tree one on friday! i'm so excited. it's obvi gonna be different, but same concept :) miss ya

  3. These are beautiful Emily! You have to paint Gary & I something when you get back...please...please....please....


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