Wednesday, September 29

If you ask, they will assemble it. :)

So, with Chuseok also came the start of fall.  This is the fastest I've ever experienced a season change.  Seriously when we left for Seoul on Tuesday - it was burning up and by the time I got home on Friday - it was very cool. I've worn long sleeves, and pants ever since.  I have a cold :( complete with the sniffles and my right nostril boycotting air flow - AND I realized that my apartment needs to feel like home, now that I won't be out and about as much.  So the cold, wood floors, and the suitcases serving as a footboard - needed to go.  Maybe it was being away from my apartment for a week that made me want to give my apartment a little extra TLC.  Because, somehow over the course of the last 2 months - my 4 room, I'm taller than my fridge and "no shower" booth shower has turned into home. :)

 So, I went shopping! I went to Emart on a quest for a rug  and a nightstand.  I'm getting a little tired of the doctor's office lighting in my place - and the first step is something to put a lamp on.  So I found a rug pretty quickly - and in the middle of Emart on the 1st floor they had a nightstand - simple, 2 shelf - white, so it would match my headboard.  It caught my eye, but I'm a shopper, so the hunt continued.  I looked,  but didn't find anything that competed with the 8,800 won (less then $9 US dollars) 2 shelfed bookcase/nightstand - SOOOO... I asked for help - by gesturing :) I conveyed to the EMart employee that I wanted the bookshelf, so she handed me a box.  My face must have fallen - because the idea of putting something together with a screwdriver in the states ISN'T appealing - LET ALONE instructions + a screwdriver + pieces + directions in a foreign language - I wasn't thrilled.  So I gestured - asking can I just have the one that is put together?  The floor model.  By this point, we'd been joined by another Emart employee, a much younger male who I was hoping would speak English - but he didn't.  So the woman got on her cell phone, talked for a while - and said come back in 15 minutes.  So, I did :) AND the bookshelf/nightstand was put together - and put in my cart with the box. haha :) so...I hopped in a taxi with my new rug and my new FULLY assembled nightstand.  :) SUCCESS!!

Note the rug ACTUALLY matches the cough beautiful/cough TACKY sunflower on my wall! :)

 Thoroughly enjoying my nightstand! :)


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