Wednesday, September 1

I am Happy! :)

I've been SUPER busy and having such a blast, that I haven't been keeping up with this very well, but I'm chuckling at the moment and thought I'd share. My director James just called me to let me know that after work tomorrow we're going to play baseball (i.e. hit balls at the batting cage). He co-owns the school I teach at, and his 2 kids are students of mine - haha so cute...that at 10:30 at night he thought to call and let me know we're going to the batting cages tomorrow. haha I'm really lucky to be here. I'm now on 2 walls in the school AND a banner in front of the school haha - we'll walk around the city next Monday for an hour or so to advertise for new students. I'm the token American that will hopefully attract a few more students as well.

I had a great day teaching today - I'm teaching the 6 year olds the song "Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes" and I can't help but to giggle every time they sing or I ask "Sunny, how are you?" and she cheerfully answers with a Korean accent, "I am happy!" haha I'm video recording that when I get my camera back and if anyone is having a bad day they should watch it. It's adorable.

One thing I love about teaching is I learn some really cool things, which makes it very easy to teach. One of my lessons today was a story about Leonardo DaVinci - which I never knew, but in addition to painting the Mona Lisa he was an amazing man - an inventor, sculptor, AND a scientist - he even recorded thousands of pages of notebooks, but wrote them all backwards to protect them from getting stolen. A true "Renaissance Man" which I didn't know means you're really great at many things.

Last week, I don't think I wrote about this - but with a middle school class we were studying the lesson "Are you under the weather" and discussing common ailments and illnesses - flu, sore throat, sprained ankle, etc. After introducing new vocabulary there was a part for dialogue where the students get with a partner and practice a short dialogue, I hadn't planned ahead so I was going along with the students. The next thing I know, mid dialogue one of the students says "Teacher, Teacher, what is this word - I look down and read "diarrhea" - I paused, looked up and couldn't help but to burst out laughing." I think with my laughter they knew it was something inappropriate - and then one of my favorites a middle schooler named William, put his hands close to his rear and makes a farting noise. and I said yes - ahahha I laughed until I cried! in front of the class, but we had fun, and they now know what diarrhea is. :) haha

Blessed beyond what I deserve,


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