Monday, September 6

Tonic's Birthday and Taebek Adventure

My friend Tonic (who you'll see in many of these pictures) celebrated her birthday this weekend.

 In honor, we had celebrated Friday night at the beach! Then there was a Birdcage <the movie with Robin Williams> (drag queen party at Tilt, a Western bar here in SK)

Then on Saturday met at the bus station at noon and looked at a map of Korea, and chose a place to take a day trip to! Well the one day trip turned into a 2 day trip that was an absolute blast! Here are pictures of Taebaek (Tay-beck), the city we explored, the parks, and pictures of our 8.8km hike up the 3rd tallest mountain in Korea. Needless to say, the view at the top was breathtaking! :) but the hike up was exhausting - it was straight up most of the way! and we were in FLIP FLOPS! haha fun times though.

♥  from South Korea!

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