Thursday, January 12

Thankful Thursday

Remember I started this Thankful Thursday back in December? So far I've only posted once, but I find myself being much more aware of things on a daily basis that I'm thankful for. So for me, it's already serving it's purpose! One big thing that's stuck out over the past few weeks is how thankful I am for the opportunity to travel.  All over this blog you can read about weekend trips I've taken IN Korea, thanks to public transportation being so reasonably priced, as well as accommodations.  I think back to when I was in college, and all the daydreaming I'd do about places I wanted to visit  - but I had to take into consideration a) the income I'd lose by not working during that time and b) the amount of money it'd cost to drive/fly to my desired destination.

Point being my love for traveling isn't new, but having the resources: time and money: to do so is. And I'm so thankful for them! Leigh and I are blessed enough to have a trip to Manila planned the first weekend in March to see his parents, sister, brother-in law, and their 2 children the first weekend in March.  (really excited to meet his parents for the first time) And a 9 day vacation at the end of September to Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Can't wait to explore and get a new stamp in my passport!

Thankful that living and teaching in Korea has swung the doors to travel wide open! :)


  1. Emily,

    I've just started reading your blog, but I am really glad I have. I am also planning on going to Germany, both for grad. school and to possibly teach English. It is inspiring to see other people that are attempting many of the same things and that they are so positive about it!

    Thanks and keep it up :)

    1. Thanks for reading AND for commenting! :) I'm so convicted on traveling and teaching! For me, it's been an amazing way to see the world and earn a living! Best of luck on your adventures in Germany! :) Let me know when you start a blog!

  2. You are quite welcome! I love your stance on traveling and feel much the same. We are far too young and have way too many options available to us to settle into one set lifestyle just yet! I see you found my blog, thanks for following!


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