Tuesday, February 7

Thankful Thursday

Korea gets a huge point this week! :)  AND I was once again reminded of something to be sincerely thankful for.   I'm so thankful to live in a country with efficient, reasonably priced healthcare!!!

 In America, usually when I would get sick, I'd run to the medicine cabinet or Walgreen's/CVS/Eckerd one of which that'd be on every corner hoping to find some over the counter cure to knock me out, hoping that when I woke up, I'd miraculously be feeling better.  Lord knows, if I actually made the trip to the doctor, I'd show up for my 'scheduled appointment' only to wait for 3x the estimated time.  Once signed in, I'd be overwhelmed with new/existing patient documents and be asked about my insurance info and provider, and then forced to pay a co-pay.  Then, a drive to the pharmacy (all while I'm feeling like crap! :( ) to wait for a prescription to be filled to find out oh lucky me! it's not covered on insurance so I have to pay the $xxx dollar fee! Exhausting!

:) Ok, I'm off my soapbox, and on to the Thankful!

Early in the week while my friend Kathryn was visiting from home, I felt a cold coming on. I had the sniffles, a sinus headache, a deep cough, and a manly voice that could rival Leigh's.  Even my students were saying "husky voice teacher"! :) So, I stopped in at my doctor's office - he asked me my syptoms, instructed me to wear a mask, offered me some vitamins (no antibiotics) and some kind of injection in the bum.

  •  Doctor's Visit Fee + Injection: $4.00
  • Paperwork: a sign on my receipt
  • Pharmacy: Location directly beside the Dr's office
  • Grand total of medicine: $2.30
  • Grand Total: 10 minutes of my life to feel better and less than a $7 ding in the wallet!
Korea, go on with your bad self and your Healthcare (Korean Healthcare) :)

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