Tuesday, January 3

Happy 2012

Love these Ladies! Nicci, Christie, Anna, Heather, Tiffan
This New Year's was spent with an amazing group of friends! Some of the girls met early in the afternoon at Christie and Brad's apartment to primp together. The boys (Brad and Leigh) wanted nothing to do with our makeup and curling hair shenanigans, so they opted to play screen golf instead. Despite the bathroom light blowing - Heather, Nicci, Christie, and I managed to get our hair and make up done - with our New Year's 'glam on' we hopped in taxis and went downtown! We had dinner reservations at an Italian restaurant,De Olivia. To our surprise we got the private room upstairs! We indulged on all the pasta, bruschetta, and vino we could handle over dinner. Next stop was a quaint little Indian bar where we treated ourselves to Pomegranate Mojitos for dessert. After mojitos we stopped in at Portobello's for some hookah and a pre-midnight champagne toast. Last stop of the evening was Tilt for a New Year's countdown with all the Pohangsters!

Lovely evening, great company, and lots of laughs!

Oh, almost forgot my New Year's resolutions: instead of quitting things, here are some things I want to KEEP doing: Learning. Loving.Challenging Myself. Growing.Being Thankful. Having New Experiences. If I focus on doing these things - 2012 is sure to be a memorable one.

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