Friday, December 23

Pohang's Biggest Loser Update

This past Thursday marked the official end of Pohang's Biggest Loser competition!! I'm so thankful that I participated - it was the perfect motivation and accountability to get me back to living a healthy lifestyle. The other ladies I participated with were always on our facebook group offering words of encouragement, healthy recipes, and various other suggestions! I definitely couldn't have done it without them. So, let's get to it - I lost a total of 14 lbs, 19cm, and decreased my BMI by 2.2.(Which moved me out of my previously overweight BMI and into normal weight range!!) 14 lbs is 8.2% of my body weight!

Aside from the accomplishments on the scale, the ones off are just as exciting:
My attitude towards exercising has completely changed. Whereas I used to get tired just THINKING about going to the gym, I ENJOY it now. I love getting on the treadmill, jamming to music, and getting a sweat on. I actually like running, which before I HATED! I ran a 5K the first week in December!!! I have so much more energy. My relationship with food is so different. I'm much more conscious of what and how much I'm eating, rather than just eating when I'm bored, or eating junk that I know I shouldn't. My clothes fit better now! :) Before September, I was wearing black pants almost everyday to teach in because they were more comfortable than my jeans! Now the jeans I bought when I was home in August are a little loose on me!

It feels good to have made this change, to have lost weight, and to know I'm going to continue - bikini bod, here I come! :)

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