Sunday, December 4

Girls Just Wanna Have FUN!

Daejeon girls weekend - shopping! :)
 Ah! This past weekend was one of the best in a while - which in the past few months - is saying alot! Heather and Christie a few weeks ago suggested a girls' weekend trip somewhere outside of Pohang! So, on Saturday morning we boarded a bus at the Express Bus terminal and headed out for a weekend of girls only fun!  The fun started the minute the tickets were bought - as Heather excitedly bought 6 tickets, even though there were only 5 of us! haha :) in her defense it was fairly early. But, with a little friendly persuasion and my best attempt at Korean - she successfully got reimbursed for the extra ticket!

We got to Daejeon early afternoon, got to our host Steve's house to drop off our stuff, cheers'd with an adult beverage, and hit the town for some big city shopping.  I struck out as far as the shopping was concerned, but had no problem over-sampling yummy treats in a bakery.  No clothes, but food? Sure!! We wrapped up our afternoon of shopping, stopped at the local mart for pre-gaming snacks, before getting the beauty devices out - for the next few hours, we had girl talk, primped, curled hair, did our make-up, decided what to wear, danced to Miley Cirus's party in the USA using hairbrushes as microphones, watched Christie unsuccessfully attempt an ab-roller, and once we were beautified and a little tipsy we went to check out the night scene!
6 parts great girls, 1 part red wine, 1 part potato snack = awesomeness will ensue
Daejeon's Angels pose!
Ab-roller: 1 vs Christie: 0
Arribba! :)
Long story short -  we danced our butts off and laughed till we cried! We woke up the next morning giggling and telling stories over Starbucks coffee and an egg, bacon, and toast breakfast made by our fantastic host Steve. We said farewell to Daejeon, but not before stopping in at Western Food heaven - Cosco - to yep! buy more food!! I love spending time with my handsome Canuck, but there's no replacement for quality time with great girlfriends! Thanks Tiffany, Nicci, Christie, Heather, and Jess for such an awesome weekend - you girls rock!

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