Monday, September 19

Leigh's Birthday

Happy Birthday Leigh :) So the handsome guy that's in a lot of my pictures had his birthday this weekend! He turned ahem 34!!! 34, yep that's right I'm 25 - he's now 9 years older than me! :) His birthday fell on a Sunday, but we celebrated Saturday. He loves to golf! Usually golfing is Korea is really expensive, but luckily there's a par 3, 9 hole golf course (you play the 9 holes 2x) that he found in Pohang.  We spent the day doing that with our friends Brad and Christie, went to Tilt for a Western style dinner, then went to their house to have a game night with close friends - there were about 10 of us there, we demolished lots of adult beverages, and decided to end the night in the Karoke room! :) Golfing, eating western food, games with great friends, and singing was the perfect way to celebrate his birthday! :) Great celebration for a great guy who lights up a lot of people's lives around him. 
Hope all his wishes come true :)  

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