Monday, September 5

Adjusting back to Korea

I've been back in Korea for 2 weeks now!! I've gotten settled into my new apartment (I'll post pictures soon) and helped Sadie adjust to our new home :) She seems to be enjoying Korea so far! I flew in on a Thursday night - Leigh borrowed a car from some friends and picked me up which was nice because I flew in after the last bus to Pohang had stopped running, not to mention I'd missed him like crazy.  Sadie was pretty scared of him at first, but warmed up quickly! We got back to my apartment that he'd decorated with like 50 balloons and a Welcome Home sign for Sadie and I.  A warm welcome for sure! :) Friday I was determined that "jetlag" was simply a state of mind, and declared that I would not be affected by it.  WRONG! haha it hit me sometime that Saturday and I was pretty worthless the rest of the weekend.  Monday I started back to school - well rested - and very happy to see the students to give them their American souvenirs!

The first weekend of September (my 2nd week back in town) there was a Back to School Open Mic night at a popular bar in Pohang, Live Story.  Open Mic nights are always fun because it's a chance for all the foreigners to show off their talents.  I'm amazed at how talented some of the folks that live here are. Great company and awesome live music Always a fun time! :) It was a great chance to see a lot of people I hadn't seen in over a month.

Lovely ladies of Pohang - Heather, Jenn, Christie, Anna, and me
Feels nice to be unpacked and getting back into a routine! :)
xoxo Emily

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