Tuesday, March 15

Yeongdeok Snow Crab Festival

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 The awesomeness didn't stop with Andong.  We wanted to take advantage of the nice weather, so on Sunday 8 of us got lunch together then decided to take a scooter trip to Odoe Beach.  We live near Bukbu Beach, but it's close to Posco (2nd largest Steel company in the world) so you can only guess how "clean" the water is, plus it's really busy.  So if you're willing to drive up about 20 km you can find beautiful sandy, turquoise watered beaches with fewer people. 

So we took a nice drive on the highway, then took the side roads through rice fields and made it to Odoe Beach.  We stopped for ice cream and bottled Cola and then went on up the road to Yeongdeok, where there just so happened to be a Snow Crab Festival going on.  In Yeongdeok, Long ago, these snow crabs were regarded as such delicacies that they would be specially presented to the king. King crabs in Yeongdeok are reared in the sand and therefore have a particularly clean and pure taste.They were absolutely delicious - Here's the day in pictures, Enjoy!
In Leigh's neck of the woods sporting y riding glasses, they keep the dirt and bugs out of my eyes while driving  haha :)
Leigh envious that he doesn't have a pair
Teddy and Jared
Megan "the Rider" Ridley
The Tilt Cruisers :) I was designated photographer
The whole group - Andy, Megan, Kory, Teddy, Teagan, Jenn, Leigh & I
Oedo Beach - 25 km from Pohang
The girls -Megan, Jenn, and Me! :)
Beautiful day for a drive :) Now I understand why people drive motorcycles
I was not sure about this at all - I think I almost tackled an ajuma (old woman in Korean) to escape the crab
conquered that fear! :)
The gang pickin out our crabs - yummy
haha free face paint - why not?
Teddy and Jenn

"mash-e-soyo" (delicious in Korean) rice steamed in crab head with natural flavorings
100,000 won (> $90) and 9 crabs later = happy Wagooks
on our ride home, great day!

First of many scooter trips! :) Lookin forward to a summer by the beach in Korea
Love Always, Em

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  1. i wanna go to Korea!!!!! it looks like so much fun!!!! im lovin the face paintings lol


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