Tuesday, October 12

Well, I've shared with you the good - here's a bit of the Ugly

It's unlike me to share information about my bathroom trips, but I had a mishap tonight that I think warrants sharing for those who enjoy a good giggle.

Disclaimer: I do not take pictures in Korean bathrooms or ANY bathrooms for that matter,- I googled this topic only to find there were already images in Google's database. I must not be the first that has documented this type of experience. 

Back to my story - In Korea they have interesting toilets - a) they have the holes in the ground that look like urinals that have been laid on the ground  (yes, they're for females) and toilet b) is the one that likes like a handicapped toilet with lots of buttons on it.   Toilet A:

A girl offered me some advice by saying, "Have you ever been camping? It's just like that - you just squat." Which I can understand if you're in a field and have shorts on, but in jeans and a cute top I haven't quite figured out how to master  yet. :(
 Toilet B:
Beware of the blue button - 2nd to the left

Long story short - before I knew it - I was getting an enema - yep a stream of warmish water shooting up my "ash-hole" as my Korean co-worker later explained to me this button was for. Problem #1 - I'd not performed a #2 so my "ash-hole" wasn't in need of cleansing and #2) I WAS NOT expecting a hard stream of water up my "ash".  So, I jumped up only to have it squirt all over my shirt and pants that - you know hadn't made it to my waist yet - I move out of the way of the STILL streaming water - I mean, how dirty do they think one gets? only to have the water drench the door, sink, AND floor.  I push the button again hoping that it will stop - and it does. Whew!  I catch my breath, hoist my drawers up ONLY to have it start squirting all over me again.  My pants are now wet,  along with my shirt - I'm giggling (thanks to a few beers) and slam the toilet lid down - it continues spraying for another few rounds - pouring water all over the floor (thank god for self draining bathrooms in Korea).  I thought it'd never stop. I compose myself, obviously it'd look weird to walk out of the bathroom giggling, I dry off what I can of the door, myself, and the toilet seat, in hopes of saving the next "victim"- and leave the restroom after an unnecessarily l-o-n-g visit.  I politely gesture to the waitress that the floor is going to be a little slippery/wet. 

That's what I get for calling my fingertips magic in the last post! :)

xoxo - Em


  1. Can i be the first to say..... HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH?
    I can only imagine how red your face was.

  2. I found your blog! I'm glad you are enjoying your time in South Korea! And this story... OMG!!! Hilarious!!!! I can just picture it....

  3. Laughing at this one.....hard!


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