Friday, November 19

Halloween In Korea

A picture that made me smile from back home :) My puppy dressed up for Halloween in her authentic Korean "hanbok" I bought in Seoul! :)

In Korea, they don't celebrate Halloween. But, I work at an English hagwon, and since Halloween is celebrated in Western countries, we celebrated it to let the students experience Western culture! The week of Halloween I taught the kiddos about costumes, trick or treating, jack-o-lanterns, witches, ghosts, vampires and all other ghoulish Halloween customs! It was a lot of fun. Since Halloween fell on a Sunday, we celebrated Friday afternoon. The kids were invited for a party and a market day. The students are rewarded for good behavior and completing their homework with signs or stickers on a "sign card". On Market Day, they can use their "signs" to buy toys, candy, and food. At the party, I was in charge of the "Culture Room" which was a pumpkin carving room and I'd planned a craft where we made felt bats out of the students' handprints. The pumpkin carving was HILARIOUS because in Korea the pumpkins are a little....different than typical American pumpkins. I was thinking orange, round, and hollow. But here, some of the pumpkins are green, some are orange, some are not hollow - they're actually more like the texture of an apple, and some aren't even round. I think one of the students brought a cucumber! You'll see pictures of a fellow foreigner, my friend Caspar, who helped a student carve not 1, but 2 faces on said cucumber jack-o-lantern! :) Fun times, I think the students had a blast, and honestly they've never really seen American pumpkins in person, so I guess non-hollow and cucumber Jack-O-Lanterns totally work. Enjoy the pictures! :) Many of the students dressed up in costume - it was adorable!

Helena :)

Tim, Andy, and Rim - the VP of our Hagwon


Tim, Gin and I doing the Kimchi pose! :)

Caspar was sooo nice to come and help! He teaches some of the same students at their public school.

Face #1 on Cucumber Pumpkin

Sunny (on right) :) awesome costume!

Sally carving her non-hollow pumpkin

Rim - VP of school again with students! :)

Tim with his "best friend Tom" - direct quote

all smiles! - Happy Halloweeeen! :) Jane, Kelly, Gina, and William

Do I really get paid to hang out with such cute kiddos?

Em :)

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  1. Aw hunnie i'm so glad you're finally feeling better! I can't wait to see you (hopefully this weekend) and play catch up!

    I also love reading your blog...make them more regular for me eh? :)


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