Friday, March 9

Marvelous March! :)

I thought February was going to the best month yet (haha hindsight is 20/20), Thank goodness it was the shortest month, even with the extra day! :) little did I know March was comin in swinging! March 1st was a holiday, and my school relocated to a brand new, beautiful building complete with a full 500 book library! (pictures coming soon!) After moving in, I had 2 days vacation, and started the weekend on an airplane to the Philippines to meet Leigh's mother and father for the first time AND see his sister's family again! :) The warm, sunny, Western cuisine and brand name shopping filled Philippines was an absolute welcome to freezing cold, rainy Korea!
lush, green backyard at Marijean and Ian's - yes that's a pool hidin behind that greenery!
a little family rock' bandin' yes please!

Manila lovin'

 Casey Family! :) So great to meet Leigh's family!
breakfast is served! :) yumm!
Me with security guard! (they're everywhere!)

Why! Oh Why! Can't Korea have shopping malls!
Chili's = happy Emily!
Big, juicy steak = happy happy Leigh! :)
Embassy housing
More Embassy Housing! :)
Us with a Jeepney! :)
Bye, Bye Philippines, Glimpse Of Philippines Volcano!

My friend Heather stayed with her all weekend, but she was not happy we left her
I came back feeling refreshed, loved by a new family, blessed, a little sunburnt (though welcomed), and ready to teach, also it felt good to miss friends in Korea!! :)  Honestly, I know I've met some lifelong friends here, and it feels so good to meet people of the same caliber AND thinking while living abroad. On top of just meeting Leigh's parents, Leigh and I just booked a ticket to HAWAIII!!!!! :) to see and for Leigh (meet for the 1st time) my Mom's side of the family! :) And it's only the 9th of March! So happy to be out experiencing the blessings God has provided for me! Life is an Easter Egg hunt!!! :) Go out and uncover your blessings! <3


  1. hi honey;
    glad you had a great time with us; we sure think you are cute as a button! well we're home and trying to get in the groove again... lots of sleep'n go'n on;)
    have a wonderful day and give my boy a hug for me xxx

  2. Wow! Thanks for sharing your lovely moments. I spend my March month wandering in hotels in Cuba to inspect their catering and decoration ideas.


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