Thursday, July 21

Peace, Love, and Mud Fest :)

5:00am - note sunrise in background
I've heard about Mud Fest from friends since I've been in Pohang. I've heard the crazy tales about how much fun it is, and   I knew it was something I didn't want to miss this year! :) So when this (see below) landed in my facebook messages, I was pumped and signed Leigh and I up immediately!

Book your seat with the Pohang Party Parade now!

Pohang Goes to Mudfest

Where: From Pohang to Boryeong, on Korea's west coast
Why: Because you'll regret your life if you don't
What is Pohang Goes to Mudfest, you ask? Oh, not much.


- The wildest, wettest party bus trip you've ever experienced, including a karaoke contest (on the way there) and movie marathon (on the way back)
- Accommodation (if you choose to sleep at all!)
- Entry into the Mud Olympics (with a chance to win fabulous prizes)
- All-you-can-eat-and-drink group dinner on Saturday night
- Sunday morning painkillers
Mud Olympics! :)

The 2 day trip was jam packed with great times! :) The crew from Pohang - 90 of us! - packed into chartered busses, left at 5:00am, karaoked on the way there, had our own Mud Olympics including log rolls, pyramids, and tug-o-war contest, we soaked up rays, and of course slathered up in more mud than we could handle! :)

Such a memorable weekend and really nice to explore more of Korea! So thankful to the guys who organized the trip - def made it easy for those of us who went! Mudfest - been there, done that, got the T-shirt!!!

Loving Sweet Summatime in Korea - less than 2 weeks until I fly to America!
xoxo Em

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