Wednesday, August 25

First Weekend in South Korea

This weekend was amazing. I got out of class Friday at 6:30. I caught a bus (which I picked up going the wrong way AND then had to take a cab to the downtown bus terminal) Then Brent and I caught a bus from Pohang to Busan. There, we met up with Tonic, Andy, and Tonic’s uncle. He took us out to dinner, we went to a viewpoint of the city, but it was a little too foggy for pictures, still a blast though. We had milkshakes and Lemonade atop the mountain, then headed down for dinner.

 Me tasting LIVE octopus! :)
 Busan Beach at night! :)

 Cheers! :) Tonic and her uncle were such great hosts!

We stayed at her uncle’s house which just so happened to be a Korean mansion – almost – 3 or 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, walkaround porch, but the catch – no beds. I learned that traditional Korean sleep style is on a mat on the floor with a pillow about a fourth the size of an American bed pillow – the reasoning : better sleep posture – better for your back. But, I slept VERY well and he and Tonic were amazing hosts! Saturday we went to the tip of The Korean peninsula (베스트 웹문서) Gwangalli Beach and hiked/walked up to the top – it was beautiful complete with a Lighthouse. I have tons of pictures - and it's so hard to put everything I saw into words. We spent some time on rocky cliffs above the water, walked down to Korean catching fresh fish, and sat on a cabana type mat, had a few beers and enjoyed the scenery! We even partook (past tense of partake, might have just made that word up :)in live octopus! I have a video but viewer discretion advised due to foul language!

The weekend can honestly only be summed up in short phrases - SEE PICTURES to live vicariously! :)
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Lighthouse hiking, relaxing on cliffs, Soujo drinking, surrounded by great people, fish harmonie’s (Korean word for grandmother), beer on oceanfront cabana, LIVE octopus, outside gym, corndogs in korea, pizza place and wine, chef show, beach, street musical performances, fireworks, dinner drink everywhere in public – freezing water i.e. - Live in Korea is amazing! :)

xoxo Emily

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